Rugged N Raw Updates

November 13th, 2012 by

Hey party people. Terribly sorry for the delay. There’s just been a lot going on lately both with and outside of the music. Nevertheless, I have a couple of updates for y’all.

First off, I was listed on’s Rising Five edition for the month. Check the link here

Secondly, I added a couple of new things to my website, There is now a blog section, with two blogs written thus far, and a music player on the right side of the site. So far, there are four songs off Anomaly Book 1 on there as well as other classic RNR material. Speaking of the album, it went up to #17 on Amazon charts for East Coast hip hop last week. Let’s keep it going, y’all!

Lastly, I wanna send my thoughts and prayers to those everywhere who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, whether it was your home, job or someone you know. Stay strong as best you can.